Air Ducts

FThe core element of our interior systems is created, for example, on an aluminium or fiberglass base and therefore offers the possibility of varying from modern, technically cool design to warm surfaces with high robustness and low weight.

Our solutions always meet the special spatial requirements inside the vehicle and support a harmonious continuation of the design language of the same.

Luggage Racks

Farhym luggage solutions provide ample storage space for every application:
closed systems for extra safety and spaciousness, or open luggage racks for convenient and quick access to luggage and the ability to keep track of it while traveling.

Service Sets

We have a variety of control panel options:
standard or design solutions with custom reading lighting, air conditioning controls, service buttons, and speaker module integration.

Interior Trim

We offer interior coverings for centre and side walls according to customer requirements in different construction methods and surface finishes such as PUR, wood, aluminium, pultrusion, fabric coverings as well as in sandwich or honeycomb construction.


Harmonious indirect ceiling lighting, integrated light strips setting visual accents or a powerful and compliant lighting for public transportation. Farhym allows you to integrate a wide range of lighting systems for the interior of your vehicle.

Other Interior Elements

Handrail systems, passenger monitors, front-back headers, human machine interfaces? Do you have any further wishes for the integration of components in the vehicle interior?

We have the know-how, the experience and an extensive supplier network to offer you also add-on systems.